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Starting with 15 October 2010 Arenele Romane from Carol Park,

About us

Arenele Romane Group of Companies consisting of Arenele Romane SRL, Sfinx Experience SRL, MC Music Consulting SRL, Sfinx Foundation, ERA Events, is among the most important group organizing events, market leader in the field of show business in Romania, with over 19 years of experience on the Romanian market and 50 years of showbizz of Mr Mihai Cernea, the owner of Arenele Romane group of companies.

Arenele Romane SRL is part of a group of companies which holds a leading position in the field of show business, event management and artist booking, holding a market share of around 20%

We can provide "key turn" event management: from conception, implementation and execution, to booking artists (national and international), complete technical equipment rental (stages, sound, lights, monitoring, backline), specialized technical personnel, transportation, technical assistance .

We are the sole administrator of Arenele Romane, from Carol Park (Bucharest), the largest summer theater in Romania with a capacity of maximum 8000 persons.

In order to extend the activity period from 7 months to a year, we decided to cover Arenele Romane venue from 15 OCTOBER 2010 to 15 APRIL / MAY 2011 (depending on weather).


Technical Features

DATE: starting with October 15th

Location: Arenele Romane (Carol Parc)

CAPACITY: up to 3500 persons


  1. Width = 25m,
  2. Length = 45m,
  3. Roof Angle = 25 degrees (all other tents in Romania have angles of 18 degrees),
  4. Ridge Height = 10.5 m,
  5. Side Height = 4m,
  6. 2 access doors: PVC structure,
  7. The tent can accomodate a stage with an opening of 12/14 m deep as needed, height trusses for lights and sound hanging: 7.5 m platform height, between 0.9 and 2 m from 5 to 5 cm.
  1. Offers the possibility to hang lights, screens, or other objects on its whole length of the tent, on three fixed aluminum trusses: one hanged from the ridge and two from the roof inclined planes of the roof. These trusses can support a weight distributed up to 800 kg each
  2. The tent is heated by an external high capacity heating machine on fuel
  3. The tent is supplied with electric power from three separate power sources, each source having a capacity of 500 KW power. The power source location belongs to Arenele Romane venue
  4. Electrical supply system with three phase distributions can cover any power consumption.
  5. The tent is covered with white vinyl material and can be used as support for video projection.


Technical equipment
The technical equipment endowment with sound, lights, etc depends on the type of the event, the technical requirements and technical raiders anf will be ensured by Sfinx Experience specialized company, a company with great experience with an exceptional technical endowment. Basically, in terms of sound, lights, stages, platforms, podiums, anything is possible.
Also the company can ensure:

Video Services

LED screens any dimension video projections with high power video projectors of high capacity, video cameras with operators and recording possibility, video mixer, video play-back of any kind


  1. Three phase power source
  2. One exterior professional heating installation on fuel, of high cappacity power, quiet, able to create a temperature difference between the exterior and interior up to 25 degrees
  3. Water supply
  4. Toilets
  5. Cleaning services
  6. Wardrobe
  7. Furniture (sofas, stools, tables and supporting tables)
  8. Bars (6 pcs)
  9. Refrigerators

Due to its form and capabilities, the location is fit to any kind of shows:

  1. rock concerts, pop, house, etc.
  2. corporate events
  3. disco, DJ events
  4. conferences of any type
  5. company and product launches
  6. seminars, symposiums
  7. cultural events
  8. fashion parades
  9. TV productions
  10. company parties or any other parties (weddings, etc.)

The inside space can be arranged and equiped depending on client's requests, the dimension and the complexity of the event, number of participants, type of show / event, etc.


For more details, please contact:
Cutitul de Argint Str. No. 3, Sector 4, Bucharest
Tel. : 021-335 34 80/81/82
Fax : 021-336 15 36
Mobil : 0730 358 358






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