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Sfinx Experience / Arenele Romane group of companies

  » One of the showbizz market leaders;
  » Has a market share of around 20%;
  » Over 20 years of presence on the Romanian market;
  » Has as sole administrator Mr. Mihai Cernea,
    member of Mondial, Sfinx and Sfinx Experience bands.

  » Extended experience in artistic special events production;
- "Turn key" complex events,
- Company parties,
- International concerts,
- Promotion tours in the country,
- Local festivals ,
- Official launches ,
- International rental of technique in
France, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldavia
  » Owner of state of the art technical equipment;
  » Local and international artists promoter;
  » Qualified personnel;
  » Rental of technical equipment - sound and light - for televisions ;
  » Sole administrator of "ARENELE ROMANE" complex - Carol Park
  » Public relation, comunication and promotion services.
The largest summer theatre in Romania ,
Cutitul de Argint no. 3 str, Sector 4, Bucharest


Arenele Romane complex is one of the most exquisite location for organizing special events.
Historic edifice, located in Carol Park, the historical area of Bucharest.
Arenele Romane architecture: elegant construction as a semicircular amphitheatre, in Doric style, built for cultural, social, sport and
artistic outdoor performances.
Arenele Romane were designed and built in 1906 by engineer Elie Radu on the occasion of 40 years of reign of Carol King Celebration.
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Owner of state of the art technical equipment (sound, lights, stages):

Acquisition in high tech equipment: JBL Professional VerTec "Line Array" System,
the highest professional sound system.

Has its own transportation vehicles: trucks, vans, cars
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